Thank you for everything!

Low & Slow Smokehouse has closed permanently since we are no longer allowed to operate our smoker at this address.

We want to thank all of you for your enormous support these past few years and we will miss you and the special atmosphere we created at Low & Slow more than we have words to express.

We have no set plans for the future right now, which means anything could happen and even tough we are sad to close down, we are also pretty excited to see what the future brings:)

If there is going to be anything BBQ related in our future the news will be posted at our Instagram and Facebook accounts (@lowandslow_smokehouse)

Warm regards,
Caroline & Ben

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Low & Slow Smokehouse

Luntmakargatan 98
113 51 Stockholm

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Permanently closed


Luntmakargatan 98
113 51 Stockholm

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