Keep it low and make it slow

Real BBQ is smoked over long periods of time at low temperatures and with smoke from a wood fire. When you add lots of love to that you have what we serve at Low & Slow Smokehouse.

Big Red

The barbecue pit, or the smoker, is the king here (teaming up with Ben of course!). Big Red weighs over one tonne and measures 3x2 meters. To get him inside, we removed the bar window and big chunks of wall. Big Red was made to order and manufactured in Texas. Of course.

The battle of barbeque

The rivalry in bbq is penetrating everything. The meat, the sauces, the cuts. Strong traditions, deep rooted culture and dedicated barbecue lovers will continue to debate what the best bbq style and sauce is forever. You cross a state line – you cross into a new bbq style and taste.

There are a few main regions in the US that are famous for their great BBQ. These regions are:

KANSAS CITY – Pulled pork, ribs, chicken, brisket, sausages, fish, you name it. Sauces are quite varied here as well but they are often sweeter tomato, molasses style.

TEXAS – Central Texas is all about beef, post oak wood, no sauce, simple rubs of salt and pepper, based on Eastern European butcher shop traditions.

NORTH CAROLINA – Only pork, chopped pork. It is cooked directly over hot coals that have been burned down from hard wood of oak and hickory.

SOUTH CAROLINA – Similar North Caroline with pork used and cooked over hard wood coals. The center of the state is famous for its mustard sauce.

ALABAMA – Meat sandwiches and chickens are sold here and of course it is famous for their white sauce.

White sauce, red sauce, no sauce?

If you ever travel around the states (which we strongly recommend!), you’ll quickly notice the differences between the regions when it comes both the meat and the sauces. Here’s a saucy crash course for you!

East North Carolina – Spicy vinegar, no tomato
West North Carolina –Spicy vinegar with tomato
South Carolina – Mustard
Kansas City – Thick and Sweet
Memphis – Tangy and spicy
Texas – Sauce or no sauce
Alabama – White sauce

The source to everything

The magic happens in the fire pit, and the wood is the source to that magic! Oak is one of our favorite smoke woods. It goes with just about any barbecue meat and mixes well with wood from apple and cherry.

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